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Early Intervention Services (Montana Milestones Part C)

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We offer early intervention programs for families in south central Montana communities who have children ages birth to 3 years old with developmental delays and/or disabilities. Programs are developed based on best practices and evidenced-based services for children. STEP focuses on the whole family and services occur in the child’s most natural environment, which is typically the home.

Our goal is to empower your family with knowledge, resources and encouragement to foster your child’s progress. We connect you with resources, people, supplies, and encouragement. If you have questions or concerns that your child may be experiencing delays in development you can contact us for a no-cost screening assessment or visit us at a Developmental Screening Clinic. Using an integrated approach, a Family Support Specialist will gather information about your child’s strengths and challenges as well as your concerns and priorities. STEP will work with your family in partnership to create an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) that will guide services designed to help your child reach his or her full potential.

Developmental Screening Clinics

STEP works with you to determine where your child is on track with his or her development, or where extra help may benefit your little one. STEP and other child development and wellness specialists will be available to visit with you at the “Child Find” events in local schools.

What do I do next?

Call STEP to ask about a developmental screening. We can come to your home to discuss your concerns, make observations and do activities with your child. If we are having a Child Find Developmental Clinic in your community, you may also bring your child to a nearby public school for screening assessment. STEP will be there screening children (0 to 3rd birthday) while school personnel are doing preschool and pre-kindergarten screenings (3- to 5-year olds). An audiologist and nurse are also available. Montana Programs

What Are Early Intervention Services?

We work with you and your family, your medical providers and community resources to find the best activities, toys, information, people and equipment to assist you in your role as parent. We know that you are your child’s first and most important teacher. During Early Intervention Services, a Family Support Specialist visits with you in your home and assists you to teach and monitor your child’s progress, accomplishments and challenges.

Who Pays for These Services?

STEP contracts with the State of Montana to provide many services to children who have delays or some medical condition that could lead to delays. There is no charge to families. Early Intervention Services may be paid for by a combination of state and federal funding; using information you provide, we can determine if the requirements for this funding apply to your child’s circumstances. If state and federal funding are not right for your child, we can work with you to identify other funding options. Financial Assistance information >

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Infants and Toddlers Birth to 3 Years of Age

Is my child’s development on track? The first three years of life are crucial in building a strong foundation for your child’s learning, growth and development. Each child grows and learns at his or her own pace. Sometimes children miss milestones that are important for lifelong learning. Use this checklist to help you decide if a developmental assessment may be your family’s next step.


  • Holds up head
  • Turns head to sounds/voices


  • Sits up with light support
  • Reaches persistently


  • Holds, bites, & chews a cracker or cookie
  • Imitates sounds


  • Stands alone
  • Jabbers expressively


  • Names one object
  • Moves about home independently


  • Initiates own play activities
  • Combines two or three words


  • Helps carry & put things away
  • Matches basic colors & shapes