How Can I Help?

You can help with a tax-deductible donation to STEP

For over 40 years, STEP has supported people to create a vision for themselves in the world, and to set out to meet the goals that will make that vision a reality. Your contribution will expand the work of STEP in building fulfilling lives and health, strong communities.

How do you want your donation to help?

Where the Need is Greatest

This allows STEP to apply your support where it will have the most impact, bridging the gap between resources available and resources required.

 A Gift to the Endowment

Our Board-directed endowment fund was established to enable STEP to plan for long-term continuity of services to children, families and adults. A gift to this fund allows us to ensure the stability of services even in the face of uncertainties affecting traditional funding.

 Daniel Hageman Memorial Family Emergency Fund

Almost every family has experienced unexpected and costly circumstances at one point or another. Your gift to the family emergency fund will ease some of the financial burden of unplanned events such as a child’s out-of-state hospitalization.

 Scholarship Fund for Children and Adults

Many families and individuals don’t have the flexibility in their finances to pay for STEP services, and they do not otherwise qualify for state or federal programs. Your donation to the scholarship fund allows more children and adults to receive the services (on full or partial scholarships) that enable them to achieve personal growth.

 Matching Gifts

Your gift could be matched dollar for dollar! Many employers offer matching gift programs that may double or even triple the value of their employees’ charitable donations. Check with your employer to ask if matching gifts are available.

To make a gift to STEP, you can send a check or money order to STEP, Inc. To donate with a credit or debit card, use our secure Paypal®. Click here.