Autism Supports

Programs for young adults and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Paper Cranes | Autism SupportMost people with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience persistent challenges in the areas of receptive and expressive communication, social skills and relationships, behavior and sensory issues, and environmental conditions. They may prefer highly structured routines, may have repetitive motor movements, and may have atypical reaction to sensory input or aspects of their surroundings.

For many years it was believed that adults with ASD could be served adequately in programs designed for people with intellectual delays or disabilities. We now know that adults with ASD benefit from highly customized supports delivered in a structured, consistent manner. Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are important members of their families, their workplaces, and the communities in which they live. STEP’s services for adults with ASD are dedicated to supporting each person to live and work in the community of their choice, in ways that are fulfilling and rewarding.

Our certified staff are experts in designing and implementing teaching programs that are tailored to each person’s unique needs and style of learning. We can help adults with ASD to:

  • Identify their interests, passions, & preferences, to build an enriched life
  • Explore & pursue leisure interests
  • Develop communication skills for effectiveness in social & personal interactions
  • Volunteer in their communities
  • Develop skills & habits for success at work, home, & other settings
  • Connect with vocational & other livelihood resources
  • Pursue civic engagement
  • Advocate effectively
  • Initiate & maintain healthy and rewarding relationships