Community Inclusion

Playing Baseball | Community InclusionPrograms to Promote Independence and Skill Development

We believe in strong, vibrant communities where everyone has the opportunity to participate and choose their journey. Our structured programs, coaching and encouragement help you make connections, navigate challenges and expand the richness of your life. Our Community Inclusion program provides diverse opportunities to identify your goals and build the skills you need to attain these goals. Our professional staff is equipped to assist people to learn new skills and behaviors in their homes, communities, and other settings.

Creating a life of independence and personal growth

  1. Gain independence and expand life skills. Our staff works with you to achieve your personal best. Community Inclusion offers you the opportunity to enjoy new friendships, pursue hobbies, volunteer and work in your local community.
  2. Find fulfilling work and livelihood opportunities. Explore your talents and put them to work. There are many options for self-employment, earning a wage or sharing your gifts through volunteering. We join you along the way with livelihood exploration and flexible programs.
  3. Enjoy your community through recreation. We have a wide range of resources and community connections that can help you discover and participate in lifelong leisure and recreational activities.

STEP empowers you to create an active social life and rewarding livelihood through personalized programs and connections that match the life you value and select for yourself. Our certified professionals and staff provide career and life skills that can help you navigate challenges and open doors to exciting opportunities. We can:

  • Help you identify your talents, skills and gifts
  • Provide coaching for independence
  • Arrange connections for volunteer, livelihood and recreational opportunities
  • Assist with skills to pursue your career goals, such as teamwork and workplace communication
  • Strengthen, encourage and foster friendships and natural supports

Please contact us to visit about our comprehensive programs and services.