Behavioral Supports

Behavioral SupportsDo you know someone who struggles to make their wants and needs known? Often, people who have difficulty expressing themselves use physical actions in an effort to convey messages to others. These physical actions are often referred to as challenging behavior. The key is working out what the person is trying to tell us, and then helping them find more appropriate and effective ways to communicate.

Challenging behavior can be difficult and frustrating for everyone involved. Although the state of Montana defines challenging behavior as behavior that poses a risk or potential risk to health and safety, at STEP we take a broader view: We work with people whose conduct at times may hinder the development of satisfying relationships or integration into the community. We believe that supporting people to communicate in effective ways, engage in appropriate behavior, and develop proactive skills will help them thrive in their communities and strengthen relationships with family, colleagues, and friends.

If you have concerns about the behavior of an adult or child in your life, STEP can help. We can assist with understanding the communicative intent of the behavior, and effective ways to respond. We can help you create proactive solutions that can reduce or eliminate the challenging behavior, and approaches to encourage the person to interact with you and others in more satisfying ways. We take the time to get to know you and the person, to create supports that motivate more positive ways of communicating. We collaborate with you and others in the person’s life to develop a plan that meets the needs of everyone involved. Our goal is to help each person impacted by challenging behavior to acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue a rewarding life of meaning and satisfaction.