Our Philosophy

STEP was founded over 40 years ago, at a time when institutionalization was the primary option for children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. A small group of parents in Billings envisioned a better life for their children with disabilities – a full life in their home communities, attending their neighborhood schools, and enjoying typical activities and the benefits of living in the community. STEP began by serving just a few children, with a focus on supporting their growth and independence and helping them to maintain relationships and connections. Over the years, STEP has grown to serve children, adults, and families with various disability diagnoses and needs.

As part of our commitment to strengthening our community, STEP opened the first of several Renewal Recovery Residences (sober living) in January 2019. As in all STEP services, our goal is to empower each person to pursue what is of value to them. We believe that the community is made stronger and more vibrant when everyone has an opportunity to participate, in whatever capacity they choose.


We strive to build an equitable, just, and compassionate community where everyone is connected and empowered to create the life they choose.


We collaborate to overcome and eliminate barriers in order to expand people’s capacity to pursue the growth and change they seek.





The community is made stronger when we remedy the exclusion and marginalization of people whose lives do not conform to the norms of the dominant culture.

We cultivate relationships and collaborations that are the foundation for everyone to experience their own concept of well-being.

We challenge assumptions, structures, and beliefs – including our own – in order to create new possibilities and solutions that enrich people’s lives.