Support & Techniques for Empowering People

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to create the life they choose. We are dedicated to helping people develop the skills, knowledge, relationships, and experiences to create a healthy and full life.

During the public health emergency brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, STEP has streamlined some of our services.  We’ve also restructure interactions with visitors and stakeholders, in order to take every possible precaution to keep everyone we come into contact with safe.  We are eager to connect with you in ways that do not put you or others at risk of exposure.

We offer answers, support and inspiration.

At STEP, we strive to build an equitable, just, and compassionate community where everyone is connected and empowered to create the life they choose.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue what matters most to them. We are committed to identifying and eliminating barriers that stand in the way of people experiencing fulfillment. We help people to develop knowledge, connections, skills, and experiences that contribute to their progress toward their greatest aspirations.

Throughout our services and programs, we are determined to make a place for everyone. We seek to create an environment that assures nothing less than the emotional, physical, and spiritual safety and inclusivity for all.

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