Our Team

Tara Williamson

Program Administrator

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers

Tara oversees all STEP disability and recovery services as our Program Administrator. Her unparalleled perspective on progressive services has created new possibilities for STEP to respond to unmet needs in our community.

Tara is passionate about helping people and organizations to grow, collaborate, and create meaningful change.

Tara’s highest character strengths are bravery, creativity, honesty, humor, and perseverance.

Tara can be reached at or 406.869.3008.

Collin Wilson

Renewal Recovery Residence Manager, Administrative Specialist

Preferred pronouns: he, him

Collin serves STEP in the dual role of Renewal Recovery Residences (sober living) Manager and Administrative Specialist.

Collin brings an uncommon perspective and knowledge of critical political issues to the STEP team. Through advocacy, Collin intends one day to further expand the ability of non-profit organizations to provide a wide range of needed social services.

Collin’s highest character strengths are humor, love of learning, fairness, perspective, and love.

Collin can be contacted at or 406.869.3031.

Megan White

Life Enrichment Manager

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers

As our Life Enrichment Manager, Megan currently oversees all of our residential and community inclusion services for adults with disabilities. Born out of her passion to help others succeed, Megan recently founded a charity in honor of her sister, with all proceeds designated for animal shelters in Montana and the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone County.

Megan's highest character strengths are fairness, honesty, leadership, teamwork, and humor.

Megan can be reached at 406.861.0937

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

                             Our Team is Here to Help You Succeed

Rhea Herman

Family Services Manager

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers

Rhea currently oversees all STEP services to families and children with disabilities as our Family Services Manager. Her commitment to service goes far beyond STEP: For over ten years, Rhea has volunteered as a camp counselor for children with disabilities.

Rhea is passionate about helping people to discover and apply character strengths to achieve their life goals.

Rhea’s highest character strengths are gratitude, fairness, honesty, perseverance, and kindness.

You can reach Rhea at or 406.869.3027

Maureen Corkum

Senior Fiscal Manager

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers

As our Senior Fiscal Manager, Maureen is the pillar of STEP’s financial operations. Able to see beyond the fiscal picture and its implications, Maureen is passionate about keeping STEP services continually focused on the interests and needs of each person we serve.

Maureen’s highest character strengths are humor, kindness, perseverance, humility, and judgment.

Maureen can be at or 406.869.3002.

Ann Treece

Executive Director

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers

Bringing non-profit and business leadership experience to STEP, Ann has served as STEP’s Executive Director since 2013. She is committed to leading STEP to play a compelling role in reshaping the landscape of disability and recovery support services in Montana. She believes that communities are strengthened when everyone is fully welcomed, included, and equipped to make their unique contribution.

Ann’s highest character strengths are spirituality, honesty, love, love of learning, and fairness.

You can reach Ann at or 406.869.3020.

Career Opportunities

STEP maintains a positive work environment that is characterized by a solutions focus that fosters confidence and optimism. We are fully accountable to ourselves and our teammates to show compassion, communicate directly, address conflict respectfully, and invest our energy and time in building up our colleagues, clients, and all STEP stakeholders. If we miss the mark – and we all do – we learn from our experiences and make adjustments where needed. We have a solutions orientation in everything we do. STEP does not endorse a work environment that condones complaining, blaming, criticizing, or backstabbing. We believe the best about one another, and we speak and act with enthusiasm to continually build hope, belief in the vision, and certainty in our ability to accomplish our collective aspirations.

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