STEP Recovery Residence Alliance of Montana is the recognized Montana Affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences

In 2011, the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) established thirty-one comprehensive national standards for recovery residences.

These standards define the spectrum of recovery-oriented housing and supportive services and focus on rigorous quality and integrity in the operation, impact, and environment of the recovery residences. The standards were developed through a strength-based, collaborative approach that solicited input from all major regional and national recovery housing organizations as well as recovery residence providers (some with decades of experience) and nationally recognized recovery support stakeholders.

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Outline of the Standard


The term “recovery residence” denotes safe and healthy residential environments in which skills vital for sustaining recovery are learned and practiced in a home-like setting, based on Social Model principles. NARR Standard 3.0 operationalizes the Social Model across four Domains, 10 Principles, 31 Standards and their individual rules.

Domain 1

Administrative Operations

Principle A Operate with integrity

Principle B Uphold residents’ rights

Principle C Create a culture of empowerment where residents engage in governance and leadership

Principle D Develop staff abilities to apply the Social Model

Domain 2

Physical Environment

Principle E Provide a home-like environment

Principle F Promote a safe and healthy environment

Domain 3

Recovery Support

Principle G Facilitate active recovery and recovery community engagement

Principle H Model prosocial behaviors and relationship enhancement skills

Principle F Cultivate the resident’s sense of belonging and responsibility for community

Domain 4

Good Neighbor

Principle J Be a good neighbor