Application For Recovery Residence


We believe in a community where everyone has the opportunity to imagine, create, and live their chosen journey.


We move closer to this vision by enhancing the power of people to achieve the personal growth and change they seek.



People are at the center of everything that we do.  We appreciate uniqueness and view everyone as an individual with distinctive talents and needs.  We believe that everyone has something to offer and empower people to be their best.


We embrace innovation and creativity, working in partnerships with people to meet goals.  We are interdependent across all teams.


We are clear and active communicators and listen to understand.  We strive for clarity and personal accountability engaging in conversations that are good for the whole.  We know there is strength in transparency.

Fun and Playful

We encourage play and humor and support people in finding time in their everyday lives to celebrate.  We weave this thread through everything that we do.


We aim to be at our best and hold ourselves and our teammates accountable.  We are flexible and adaptable and willing to have the hard conversations with grace.  We are constant learners willing to ask questions.  We run toward change and embrace it. We are risk takers and allow our mistakes to help guide our course.