Services for Adults

Everyone deserves a quality of life that is meaningful and fulfilling to that person. At STEP, our goal is to empower each person to pursue the goals and achievements that are of value to them.

We believe that the community is made stronger and more vibrant when everyone has an opportunity to participate in the life of the community, in whatever capacity they choose. When those opportunities are impeded by barriers of any kind, we collaborate with stakeholders and decision-makers to reduce and eliminate those hindrances.

Many adults with disabilities and other challenges have not had the supports and experiences that allow them to actively engage in the life of their community.  We help people to broaden their knowledge and make their own informed choices and decisions about the life they want to lead. With unwavering respect for the preferences of the individual, we assist the person and the people who care about them to navigate life’s risks and opportunities.

Our services are tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual.  Using a team approach, we support the person to create and follow a written plan that helps them to move closer to the life they desire.  We are flexible and responsive to changing needs, interests, and seasons of time in a person’s life.

Some of the areas we can help with are:

  • Creating opportunities for connections within the community
  • Identifying leisure interests
  • Pursuing recreational opportunities
  • Facilitating volunteer opportunities
  • Connecting with work or vocational resources
  • Strengthening friendships & family relationships
  • Pursuing civic engagement
  • Providing emotional support & encouragement
  • Recognizing & enhancing skills

In many cases our trained staff can work one-to-one with adult clients to build specific skills in managing their households, their finances, their health and well-being, and other responsibilities they may have. STEP’s services to adults promote independence and skill development that empower people to create an enriched and vibrant life.  We offer these services in the individual’s home, in typical community settings, and at our Community Inclusion Program in Billings.

Our Life Enrichment Specialists are your guides.

The State of Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) pays for many of these services. (DPHHS refers to their funding for these services as Family Education & Support, or as Home & Community Based Services Comprehensive Waiver.) Some families pay privately for STEP services.